They WERE nice. But now they’re not.

Fairytail Frozen Crossover

Fairytail Frozen Crossover



CarnaMistress, you’re actually…working on the power series…

Me: Well, you know. By the time I got this newest rejection letter I’ve gotten better at this editing thing. So I figured I’d go through again before sending ya’ll off to some other publisher or agent again.

Carna: You’re so diligent.

Nicolette: Isn’t she? She’s even been working so hard to give the Evermagic books a facelift. She only has two more to go and we will have all been updated!

Me: Aren’t I so great?

MarenUm…but why are you taking so long writing my story?

TakehiroYour story? One minute we think we’re done and ready to publish and she’s rethinking things.

Me: Hey! I want you to be as perfect as I can get you before I put you out for the world to see. After all, you’re probably my best work thus far in this series.

MelodyI’m just glad that I, as a free to read story, am finally finished story wise. How long until you go through your last edit for me to show the world what it’s like to be a part of Evermagic?

Me: You all are starting to get really demanding.

Carna: It’s not like you have better things to do.

Me: I’ve got things I have to do. Like in an hour or so, I have to go set up an activity for my church. And I need to go see the doctor, and write a blog post for another blog, and work to earn real money since you guys don’t make me zilch and…

NicoletteMy. You’re as busy as Gladwin.

Melody: Hey, why haven’t you written more short stories with them two having time together?

Me: Oh my life! Time. You all want it. But I have so little to give!

Carna: What are you talking about? You spend most of the day napping!

Me: But I stay up late with you guys!

Takehiro: And yet, nothing gets done.

Maren: Oh, well. That’s not all true. It’s just she’s neglecting projects she needs to be focusing on. Like you and myself.

Me: Patience!

Gudomlay: But you know you want to be writing for Ghost.

Me: Ah! That is enough! Godal. I choose you, go!!!

Gilgamesh from Fate Zero

Gilgamesh from Fate Zero


And now all my characters are scurrying. Mwahahahaha. Overpowered characters are the best.

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