Interview With the Sorrow King

Elf prince by Guangjian Huang

Elf prince by Guangjian Huang

Introducing: King Anruil Savarion is king of all the elves in Bayon, even the ones who are not a part of his actual realm. He has lived a tragic life of violence and loss. Even so, he’s an extremely kind and loving individual to those who are close to his heart. Despite this, most people outside his realm (including some of the elves themselves) believe him to be cruel and monstrous. This has been done by design, though, to protect his kind from the hate of other races. Instead of them focusing on the more peaceful elf-realms, Anruil’s kingdom receives the brunt of their prejudice. He doesn’t mind the onslaught but regrets having to make victims of the warriors who are loyal to him. He’s barely holding onto life as his heart is broken.



Me: You…really loved her. Huh.

Anruil is silent. 

Me:  Mmmm. I know what I wrote yesterday must’ve been hard.

Anruil: Why must you display that side of me?

Me: It kind of just came out. It’s that song’s fault. And besides. You never do show your emotions, so flashing back to a time it all came pouring out makes you more relatable.

Anruil: I don’t want your readers pity.

Me: I’d say it’s more like empathy or sympathy…

Anruil: I do not like remembering that time.

Me: No one would…

Anruil: Why am I here?

Me: Well, after last night. I realized I don’t really know you. I mean. I write you. And I know you like what’s in your heart and head. But we haven’t ever just talked.

Anruil: You think I wish to converse with you?


Me: Come on…

Anruil: You gave me a tragic past, a miserable present, and a hopeless future. I am the most hated, feared, and sorrowful character of all your tales. Why then, can you not just leave me alone?

Me: Hey, you’re not the only one that’s got it rough.

Anruil: Oh yes, all your characters have experienced tragedy. Some have even died of heartbreak. Others have survived it. But I have no choice but to live with it.

Me: It’s not for forever.

Anruil: I understand why I must remain… Why I cannot relinquish my spirit into the netherworld but. It is not something I wish to discuss.

Me: You open up about it with Eleventra.

He is silent for a time, sitting back and gazing at nothing. And then he lets out a tiny sigh and lets his eyes fall shut.

Anruil: The two of you really are alike…

Me: (Grinning). I did base her off of myself.

Anruil: All your characters complain about you. But I have only known you as I have known her. A kind caretaker who loves her creations and friends.

Me: I think she loves better than me. She’s not only who I am but who I want to be.

Anruil: (Nodding). Yes. Your heart is as closed off as hers was when she first came to us. But…like her. I suppose there will one day be a person who will free you of that fear to give of your heart completely.

Me: Doesn’t seem likely…how did we veer off into something so deep?

Anruil: I am king of the elves who heal the wounded heart. I suppose it is something I cannot help but practice…even when I do not mean to.

Me: That’s good! You’re learning.

Anruil: Or I am simply tired.

Me: (I chuckle and roll my eyes). All right sorrow king. Time to get to work on you guys and everyone else. It’s a packed day today.


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