A Wild Goose Chase



Ber: Wait. What’s going on?

Melody: Where–where is she going?

NicoletteI. Um… I don’t know.

SirenRun after her!

Full Metal Alchemist

Full Metal Alchemist

Ber: But seriously! Don’t let her get away.

Carna: What is going on?!

Siren: She’s running!

Amrod: Why?

Nicolette: We don’t know!

Carna: She’s going faster!

Siren: Seriously, run!

One Punch Man

One Punch Man

Andrew: Hey guys, why you all running?

Amrod: We don’t know. The mistress just bolted.

Andrew: Really?

Alaric: Why?

Others: We don’t know! Just don’t let her get away.

Andrew: Um, actually. I was just looking for my wifu– (he gets pulled by the others and is now running with them.)




Albert: Hey guys, what’s up?

Andrew: Don’t know. Everyone’s running. I just wanted to find Melody.

Albert: Isn’t that her up ahead?

Andrew: Huh, yeah! Thanks! (He gains speed and loses the others).

Black Butler

Black Butler

Amrod: Why…are you dressed like that?

Bard: We don’t really know.

Siren: Is that in a book?

Bard: Who knows what she’s planning

Up ahead.

Me: Weeee! I did it! Another one bites the dust! Edit on The Stranger book 1 of the Power series is completed again! Whooooo!!!

They’re still following me…

“The Aberrant would still not get the earth stone. It would wait, patiently and hopeful for the only master it would ever serve. For of all the elements, earth would bow to none save whom he chose. The Bearer of Power. And as Sinett was being torn apart, he could hear the stone’s low laughter as it watched the scum die.” –Final paragraph from The Stranger.

Me: Awe, look Cray. It’s you as a bodiless entity!

Cray: Yes, mistress. I do recall this scene.

Me: You’re so sinister.

Cray: Well. I won’t bow to any whom I do not see worthy of my service.

Me: Right you are. (I grab his hand and pull). Now let’s keep going until they figure out there’s nothing going on!

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