Things Just Got Real

Introducing: Godal. He is the king of the world in which Gudomlay and her partner for class is teleported for a project. He is sadistic, arrogant, overpowered, and a little bit mad. I mean like, insane. The dude does what he wants without a care for the consequences. At birth, a druid had to shave off a part of his “essence, aura, power” or whatever you want to call it because it had the potential of setting itself off and obliterating the world. So he carries it around usually as an accessory but sometimes as a weapon or human being who is the complete opposite of himself. Because of his past, an oracle transferred his heart into that separated power so he could only feel the effects on it at a lower intensity. This was so he could save the world without getting caught up in the pain of his past. And as Gudomlay gets to know him, she begins to wonder if behind that smug surface isn’t something a little more tragic.

I can feel it. The energy. Swarming around me are the characters who have been neglected all this time. If I weren’t me, I’d be nervous. And yet, because I am so great. I only stare back at them and challenge them to challenge me with the cold darkness in my eyes. But of course, there is one who would take me on. A new character. A character who, if I met him in real life… well. I don’t know how well we’d get along. In one of my previous posts, I summoned him to chase away the others. But now. We are enemies.

Godal: Well then. Where have you been, Mistress?

(He’s totally being sarcastic when addressing me by the title I’ve been having my characters call me. But I’m a bad-a**. So, I stay calm and cool and meet his arrogant smirk with a flat face).

Me: I got a job.

(There’s a collective gasp from all my characters.)

TakehiroYou mean your lazy butt actually decided to act as a functioning member of society?

Me: Shutup! Your story is done and published!

(He simply clicks his tongue and turns away. I look back at Godal.)

Me: Well?

Godal: That is all? You work a couple hours a day and neglect you writing?

Me: I’m also writing articles about anime for Moviepilot. I’m called The Silver Yokai, and I am awesome.

Godal: (Staring at me like I’m stupid.) Do you really think you will progress without committing yourself to us?

Me: I can only do so much when I’ve got bills to pay. You don’t make me any money since you’re still a work in progress. And the fairy tales have so little exposure barely anyone is buying them, and I don’t have the funds to advertise them so that they have a better chance of getting bought.

Godal: That sounds like a problem stemming from your own incompetence.

Me: Oooo. I really made you a jerk.

Godal: (Smirking.) I am bound to the rules of your imagination.

Me: Yeah, yea, yeaaaah… Wait.

… … …

I look around, my brow twisted. That… that didn’t sound like it was in my head. Sitting in my blue desk chair, I can feel someone’s heat behind me. This is… My heart starts to palpitate with nervousness. This…

Hesitant, I slowly turn my head over my shoulder and gawk. He’s there! Standing behind me. Flesh, bone, blood. And that smirk! How! How did one of my characters…?

Godal, smiling smugly, puts a hand on his waist and bends forward, the yellow strands of his hair swaying in front of his ruby red eyes as he looks down at me.

“I am here, my Mistress…”

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