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He’s been following me. Godal. Everywhere I go. Ever since he escaped… This was supposed to be all in my head. It is all in my head! But now… Now I can’t get him back in the plane of existence where I’ve managed to keep all of my other characters from all of my many, many, many stories.

Why him? Why did it have to be him?!

“You have been quite busy, Mistress. Too much so to be giving any of your writings any attention. And this is what you have to show for it?” He’s fingering some cosplay I’ve been sewing nonstop for the Anime Expo this year. He knows I’m frustrated because none of those outfits are for my own use. That smirk he’s wearing. He doesn’t have to use words. I know he’s mocking me.

“That coat,” my brow twitching, I point at the one he’s petting. I guess there’s no reason why he wouldn’t. It is made out of velvet. But it’s been the bain of my existence. I’ve never worked with velvet before and I was totally taken by surprise at how difficult it is to manipulate. “It’s taken up all of my time. It’s finished. I’m done. Now, I can work on the stuff I’m going to wear.”

“You insist on being a man at this thing?” He turns to me and is giving me a sizing glance. It makes me squirm because I know he’s judging me. Aside from having decent birthing hips, my figure isn’t what you would call…womanly. I should know better than to be flustered by his facade because…it is a facade. I wrote him that way. Godal isn’t at all as shallow as he pretends to be, but being assessed by one I’ve made as acute as him isn’t thrilling.

“There aren’t very many female characters I like that I could pull off. The Japanese like the busty type. And I’d rather not have to create fake boobs to do anyone justice. If she’s wearing armor that hides it, it’s another story. I have one of those. But otherwise, there aren’t many female characters with an appropriate body type that I relate to and would want to cosplay.”

“So you are a snob.” He’s snickering now and it makes me scowl.

“I can’t help it. I write characters potentially for a living. Why do you think I have so many varying females in my stories with a range of looks? I want depthy characters not boring tropes to get attention with.”

His smirk softens and he tilts his head as he looks at all the costumes I’ve managed to squeeze out in the short period of time that I’ve had to prepare them. And then he gives a nod.

“Yes, I know.” He turns away then and looks down at the EVA foam I have on the table. I make a face because it’s the one cosplay I really want to get done and am scared that I won’t. “I will leave you now so you can get working on this. Do not concern yourself with the others.” He crosses his arms with a smug grin before sliding his gorgeous red gaze on me. “They will listen to reason.”

“You mean you’re going back?” I get a little excited. This guy has been on my shoulder for a while now or shadowing me or whatever. It’s been making it hard to concentrate because it’s been reminding me how much I want to work on his story but just don’t have the time for it. And then it makes me feel guilty that I haven’t finished getting my newest Evermagic book ready for my beta readers. And that just makes me depressed.

“For now,” he says with a nod. And then he gives me a serious look. “Do not get distracted by other things and leave what you really want behind, Mistress. You have not been doing what you love for the sake of others.” He smirks. “That is why you have not stopped writing this post yet.”

And with that, he disappears and I am left wishing that I didn’t have so much to do so I could go after him.

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