Character Arguments was initially started as an outlet for the internal struggles of deciding a character’s fate (writers know how many different ways a single scene can pan out let alone an actual character’s life). During these internal contemplations, said characters often have something to say about it (at least Jessica’s do). But it has also become a way of better knowing the characters involved with each post. As each character is shared you will get to know them as Jessica has gotten to know them.

Jessica is currently working on writing three series (they used to be a trilogy) that take place within the same world, but are not entirely apart of each other. Each character, race, and class (if that race/class is at all at odds with what the norm is, or is an entirely new idea) is explained at the beginning of each post, or has a link that leads to a post that has earlier described said units.

Most characters will be from this series: Bearer of Power, and it’s sister series Protectors of Power and Rainha. On occasion other characters from other stories (namely fairytales) will make an appearance, but mostly out of spite for Jessica not working on them as diligently as the Power series.


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